I really, really do. You’re crazy-wonderful. Crunderful. No, that doesn’t sound nice. Anyway, I love you. The Fantasy Fudge project funded in about five hours. I have since received several emails from readers and friends laughing at me for being surprised, but honestly, it was a lark, it IS a lark, I figured I should […]

You guys are a bad influence. :) Enough people said “tryyyyy it” that I went ahead and launched a Fantasy Fudge Project page, which amuses me, at the least. (And, er, it’s actually already gotten more funding than I would have expected, honestly. You’re not only a bad influence but you’re wonderful. And funny. *laughs*) […]

The payment problem on Patreon was my fault. Twice I set the stupid thing to “patrons only” and totally missed the other place where I was supposed to set it to “paid creation”. I’m in a really bad mood right now.

So one of the real problems people are having with Patreon is that it’s non-intuitive. Maybe this is partly because my project, crowdfunding a book one chapter at a time, is not actually an ideal one to run via Patreon, but there are definitely problems that go beyond that. Kickstarter is easy. Kickstarter you give […]

I forgot to post the 12th chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS at the Patreon page on Wednesday! Or at least, I forgot on Wednesday my time, BUT IT IS STILL WEDNESDAY IN ALASKA AND HAWAII SO I HAVE MADE IT WHEW For those still considering the Patreon campaign (or, I admit, not considering it; that’s […]