1. Agents of SHIELD done good. That final shot! ♥ Glad they’re renewed. 2. The Tomorrow People did exactly what I thought they shouldn’t at the *very end*, and totally lost me. Up until 2 minutes before the credits rolled I was willing to forgive some of the rampant stupidities and was hoping there’d be […]

Ridiculously beautiful day yesterday. We spent FAAAR more time at the zoo than expected, and saw Everything. Ev.Er.Ee.Thing. Attempted to go to the Botanic Gardens today. Well. Succeeded, actually, but got rained on so only went through the greenhouses and not all the grounds. Tonight I made a strawberry rhubarb crumble. It was gorgeous. I […]

I made Ted watch Frozen last night, for the value of ‘made’ which means we checked the running time of Pacific Rim and it was too long and so he put Frozen on instead. :) He really liked it, of course, and thought all the bad bits were bad but that overall it was terrific […]

I’m seeing a lot of mention going around about that heartbreaking moment in Winter Soldier, and everybody I’ve seen commenting on it says they thought they were the only one who was crushed when it turned out to be what it was instead of what it looked like. I want everybody to know that it […]

I had to stay off the internets yesterday because everybody was all OMG SHIELD SQUEEEEE SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER and I didn’t want to be spoiled. So we watched AoS last night and OMG SHIELD SQUEEEE SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Okay, not actually spoiler right now, maybe behind the cut, but seriously, that was the first really […]