All seven of our seedlings have sprouted! We’ll have an ORCHARD! In about fifteen years. Assuming I don’t kill any of ’em. :) I’d just decided that last one wasn’t gonna come up and that I’d probably have to toss it at the new year. But then it popped up. I think those seeds are […]

There’s an aisle at the local grocery store that is advertised as having Ethnic Food in it. Traditionally it was Indian and Chinese, and more recently, Mexican. But this week they have added AMERICAN Ethnic Food! Kraft mac&cheese! Canned pumpkin! Pop Tarts! CHEETOS!! I have never been so happy (and dismayed) as to see Cheetos […]

Several weeks ago–early November, because I had to move the greenhouse for Thanksgiving–Young Indiana and I made a wee greenhouse of a deepish cardboard box lined with tinfoil. We filled several empty toilet paper rolls with dirt, propped the rolls in an egg carton, and tucked orange seeds into the tops. We’ve a string of […]

Potato harvest! Our potato plants have been looking a little sad and yellowing and some were starting to die, (no idea why: too much water, not enough water, not enough room, too many slugs…?), so we thought we’d dig up the most pathetic of them and this is what we got! Young Indiana and I […]

Young Indiana inspects our potatoes, which are growing like gangbusters. I thought the idea of putting them near holes in the container was that the tops would grow that way, but apparently the whole thing is shallow enough that both layers of potatoes are just reaching for the top. Gangbusters! Several of our strawberry plants […]