We went forth and got some reinforced plastic container-gardening bags, and yesterday Young Indiana and I filled two of them with seed potatoes and compost. The plastic is strong enough that the bags will hold their shape even if violated, so I did two layers of potatoes by way of cutting holes around the middle […]

Due to the entirely realistic fear that if I didn’t do something with the roses and raspberries I bought RIGHT AWAY, they would rot on the kitchen counter, Young Indiana and I went out to Deal With The Garden yesterday. Before: Armed with a rake, a gardening fork and a spade, I murdered many, many […]

Yesterday I was trying to get the compost bin back in the garden, and was having a bit of a hard time getting it going. Finally, exasperated, I made a cross-eyed sticky-outty-tongue face and rolled my entire head as I bodily lifted it and changed its direction so I could get it to move. Then […]

Some of you will recall my sad and bitter tale from earlier this year of finding oranges too much of a pain to actually bother eating. There’s one exception to that, which are Christmas oranges*, which I love beyond reason. I will eat Christmas oranges until I turn orange, given the opportunity. So I was […]