garrison reports

Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

I am making people cry with MOUNTAIN ECHOES. Triumph! :) People have asked, so let me say it here: the audio version will probably be out on March 1, which is the official release date. Similarly with any e-book versions you cannot currently find; they may not be out until March 1. I have absolutely […]

the essential kit

All right, CEMurphy.Net is officially redirected and folded into The cemurphy stuff now has a (not dramatically, but) different right nav, header nav, and header than the mizkit stuff. I’m pleased. I’m even *more* pleased that there is now regular new CEMurphy-filtered content popping up under the redirect/new category, without me having to do […]

No Dominion

After fighting at her side for over a year, Gary Muldoon must leave shaman Joanne Walker to face a battle only he can win… AVAILABLE NOW!

1. The hip holster bag comes in red leather now. Because that’s MUCH MORE PRACTICAL than brown or black or grey! *dies* 2. THE PROOF JUST GOT HERE! *collapses of relief* …it looks pretty damned cool, too. There are a couple of tweaks that need doing, but it looks very good. Hooray! 3. In a […]

The proof copy of NO DOMINION has not yet arrived. It shipped on the 12th and priority mail is supposed to take 1-3 days. Unfortunately, priority mail has no tracking, so there’s squat all I can do except stress, and stressed I am. :(