heartstrike trilogy

Oh my *god* the ATLANTIS FALLEN manuscript ended up a mess. I found an entire chapter and a half that hadn’t been in the version I was working from, and a scene that had been referenced but wasn’t in the version I was working from so I had to go find it and @.@. Fortunately […]

So I’ve been confused about this manuscript I’m working on, because it appears to be missing Vital Story Bits that I quite liked. I thought I’d perhaps somehow edited them out, for reasons I couldn’t understand, at a time I couldn’t remember, but, y’know, they weren’t there so I had to have done something with […]

Having gotten MAGIC & MANNERS practically sorted*, I’m going to spend the next five days attempting a Revision Blitz on IMMORTAL BELOVED, which is a 20 year old book undergoing a major revamp to make it new and shiny. I’ve done the first redraft already but that’s left a lot of muck hanging about in […]