I forgot to show you guys the place we’re moving into. It is an actual Georgian (or Georgian-style; we don’t know when it was built) manor house. Not a huge one: it’s 4 bedrooms, not, like, 38 or something. But it’s an actual manor house. It has a living room AND a sitting room. And […]

There’s evidently a part of me that’s convinced I’m the sort of person who plans dinners/cooking far enough in advance to use dried beans. It may be the same part of me that’s apparently sure we always need another can of chickpeas. Or that keeps collecting condensed milk that I never, ever use. (Buying that […]

I’ve packed the cookbooks (another 4 boxes), ordered more DVD binders, brought a box to the post office to ship, emailed the real estate agent about the things I needed to, done four loads of laundry, arranged the movers, and packed the random scattering of gaming books left lying around. I have to do the […]

I have not wanted to cook in, oh, several weeks. A couple nights ago we were at the store and I thought about a recipe I’d seen online and I thought “I’ll just do that, I’ll get the stuff and it’ll be fast and easy and not really like cooking.” I managed to use just […]

I’ve crossed about five things off my list of things to do this morning alone and I keep adding more. I know I should feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, but all I can see is a horrible mess everywhere. I mean, okay, the frigging books are probably a full third of our possessions, and […]