Yesterday a friend was over and she saw my 20-point Thinks To Do list for the living room and wondered what it was. I explained it was the pre-move to-do list. Not the moving list, just the preparing-to-move list. “…have you ever considered project management?” she wondered. :) (Later she said, “Seriously. All it lacked […]

So we have to move. Again. Our landlord died and the people who inherited the house have decided to sell it. (Precisely the same thing is happening to my sister right now.)1qq We don’t know when exactly we have to be out, but we have to be out. We also don’t know where exactly we’re […]

…with the return of Kitsnaps I’m going to have to try desperately to get regular blog posts up more often or this will look like a photography blog. Which is fine, it’s just not, you know, what I actually do professionally or anything. :) Speaking of what I do professionally, the SHAMAN RISES manuscript currently […]

The good news is it turned out the last box on the dining room table had only diapers in it. They’ve gone into the shed, after I finished filling the box with other baby stuff I’d found in other random boxes. So that’s something. I’ve moved all the boxes of random crap out from under […]

I think we’ve actually gained slightly on Swan River Press! Admittedly, we still have over 600 votes to catch up, but if we catch up by Friday evening, I’ll post the first chapter of SHAMAN RISES! :) Vote here! (And here’s the Swan River project too. :)) Following on my rant last Friday, I was […]