I have a dream. It’s not as noble a dream as MLK Jr’s. It’s just a dream that I’ll get my kitsnaps photographs all tucked together in a tidy directory someday, where they will all live in their appropriately modified glory and will be easily accessible. Having just gotten a Giant! New! Computer! makes this […]

I tried that exhale-and-pinch-your-belly-fat thing this morning. It was more like “seize” than “pinch”, I’m afraid… :) I’ve noticed that over the last week or so, after 3-4 weeks of Pilates, I am more inclined to sit and stand up straight, and that, especially the last few days, when I’m out walking I’m sucking my […]

Today, there was enough snow in Longford for the nephews to build a snowman! there was also enough snow for Uncle Ted to show the nephews how to have a snowball fight. :) A bunch more pictures here, and a few of the kitties here. :) It’s been a nice day. :)

Snowink! Sadly I didn’t get a picture of Zilli at the back door trying to catch the snowflakes. :) And of course, now that I’ve gotten it uploaded it’s not snowing anymore…but for a minute there it was! :)

Wow. There’s enough fog out the front window that for an instant when I glanced up, it looked like the world had gone away. It was, in fact, sufficiently foggy that I thought I should go out this morning and take photos. While I was getting dressed most of the fog went away, but I […]