1. The hip holster bag comes in red leather now. Because that’s MUCH MORE PRACTICAL than brown or black or grey! *dies* 2. THE PROOF JUST GOT HERE! *collapses of relief* …it looks pretty damned cool, too. There are a couple of tweaks that need doing, but it looks very good. Hooray! 3. In a […]

We all know I have a coat problem. Slightly less well-known is my bag problem, which is particularly incomprehensible because I don’t usually carry one. I would, however, give up all the other rarely used bags in favor of never using this one: Seriously, I do not know what level of kick-ass one has to […]

What is apparently the first item of Weight Loss Reward Clothing arrived today, as I had a moment of terrible weakness and ordered the Doctor’s Eleven t-shirt from Qwertee because I simply Could Not Resist. (Neither could Ted. We both have one now. :)) But anyway, I’d ordered the women’s large, and it is in […]

Really, I have a list of things to write about and apparently no time. OTOH, I’ve reached 21K on “No Dominion”, so you can perhaps see where my efforts are going. This week I’ve seen both “Haywire” and “Shame”, both of which I’ll write a picoreview of soon. At the moment, all I’ll say is […]

After a ridiculous number of attempts, I have shoes that do not hurt my feet. That is good. I also got 2600 words written on the train commute. That is also good. And believe I have ended up, via these massive revisions, with a scenario that will permit me to write a third book in […]