I have very *very* silly friends. I posted on Twitter that I’d read two books over the weekend. Carl said, “Isn’t *writing* two books over the weekend more your usual thing?” I claimed I’d never written *two* books over a weekend. I checked Twitter this morning to find the following: @BryantD Did you hear? @ce_murphy […]

Oh I woke up this morning (da da da DA da) at six forty-five (da da da DA da) Oh yeah I woke up this mooo-ooorning and I was feelin’ alive So I got out of bed (da da da DA da) and I went to the pool (da da da DA da) yeah I […]

During today’s wars, I became a verb: SharonM: LOL, Cating. Hear no evil, see no evil, yada yada SharonM: Catie — not Cating meerkat: I like ‘Cating.” She is not a Noun, she is a Verb! mizkit: I’ll cate you if you’re not careful! :) SharonM: I know Catie. She COULD be a verb. :D […]

Rumor up here in Longford has it that down in Cork, /Kate’s water has broken, and my husband has rushed to her assistance.