tbr shelf

I’m afraid the TBR shelf has gotten totally out of control again, and I have two SFF conventions coming up. This cannot bode well. But it’s not my fault! We went to America, where there are thousands of different titles you can’t find here! I found Barbara HamblyHamilton’s Abigail Adams murder mystery series! I got […]

for my own benefit, so i can find it again. i tell you what, though, i’m reading a lot more than is geting stricken off this list. i’m afraid that might mean i’m still buying books… o.o (sequels! they’re all sequels! they’re…well, some of them are sequels…)

Not that I was actually speaking of it, but I have faint ambitions of actually re-reading TIGANA this month (technically it was April’s book and I should be reading A SONG FOR ARBONNE this month, but, er, it didn’t work that way :)) just in case anybody wants to do my lurching read-along on that […]

Not, infuriatingly, in alphabetical order, because my books aren’t that organized right now, grr. There are several I’ve got on my e-reader that I’m not going to list right now because it’s too much effort to turn it on, and some I’ll hopefully get for Christmas, but yeah. There’s already 50 books on this list […]

the essential kit

I’m sure it’d be faster to take a picture, but here’s the to-be-read shelf: Michael Carroll: THE ASCENSION, SUPER HUMAN Neil Gaiman: THE GRAVEYARD BOOK Sarah Rees Brennan: UNSPOKEN Cassandra Clare: CIY OF BONES, CITY OF ASHES, CITY OF GLASS CS Friedman: LEGACY OF KING Nick Harkaway: ANGELMAKER Gene Kemp: THE TURBULENT TERM OF TYKE […]