what’s critical for author websites?

My friend and fellow writer Emma Newman is asking, over on Bluesky, “When you have been to an author’s website in the past, what have you been looking for? What info is critical for you?”

I think this is a great question, and am always looking for the answers to it, myself.

I streamlined my professional website (catiemurphy.com) significantly the last time I updated it, and it’s basically just What’s Out Now, What’s Out Next, and Here Are All My Books. There’s a contact form, but not a heckin’ lot more than that. And I still am concerned, sometimes, that it’s too…complicated?

I even finally gave up on trying to keep any kind of blog on it, because I lack the mental capacity to keep a Professional Blog and a Personal Blog. Since all the professional stuff goes on my personal blog anyway, I just put it all over here on mizkit.com and accept that nobody’s going to see it, since we’re far past the heyday of individual blogs. :)

So, yeah! If you’ve got an answer to this one, I’d love to hear it! Is there anything you might go to my website to look for that you don’t find? What’s the platonic ideal of an author website for you? :)

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2 thoughts on “what’s critical for author websites?

  1. What’s on your site is exactly what I’m looking for – your books, what’s out now, what’s coming. The only other thing I look for is a time line for a series especially if there have been short stores here and there.

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