genuinely insanely busy

Hello, mes amis. I have been genuinely, insanely busy for the past two months, and my “no really I’m going to get back into blogging” has suffered badly for it. I have Eastercon to write up, STILL, most of two months after the fact, but I kept putting it off because I was finishing the 6th Dublin Driver book, which I did, and delivered, on April…21, I think.

And then I accidentally banged out two novellas.

Yeah, no, that’s not normal, is it? I literally finished DEATH OF AN IRISH DRUID and the next day started the upcoming KOALAFIED FOR LOVE, which I recognize does not qualify as a celebration, but it’s what I did, and honestly, it’s what I usually do. There was a period of time in my life where I was impressed that historians had concluded from handwriting studies that Alexander Dumas, upon finishing a book or story, would set the piece of paper he’d been working on aside, pick up the next piece of paper, and start the next story without pause.

Like, whoa, I thought, back in the day. That’s hardcore.


Right then. :)

Anyway, my blogging has clearly taken a hit with all the writing, but I’m trying to stabilize a little now (up next is writing a bunchalotta book proposals), and hopefully, I said, as if speaking a mantra, I’ll be posting more regularly again.

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2 thoughts on “genuinely insanely busy

  1. writing is more important than blogging… though I get the marketing aspect. Write! Brava

    1. Oh, heck, it’s not even the marketing thing. It’s mostly trying to break myself of social media sites that I don’t control. That, clearly, is not going well, but hope springs eternal, right? :)

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