Daily Life

Our friend Kate came up from Cork to do family things, but we got to keep her overnight because we’re lucky. :) I obliged her to get her 10,000 steps for the year in a *second time* this year, the poor darling: we went hither and yon and to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic […]

Yesterday morning I got out of bed and discovered I had screwed up my back somehow while sleeping. The weekend has not been *especially* fun, as a result. Despite this, I took Young Indiana to a movie this morning. He only lasted through 30 minutes of the film (Planes: too boring for a 3 year […]

Apparently a weekend report is becoming a thing around here. Friday night I went to see City of Bones with fifteen or so close personal friends of Sarah Rees Brennan’s. I actually quite liked it, although as with Beautiful Creatures they rewrote the ending so completely that I don’t quite know how they intend to […]

I keep not blogging because my life is so full of mundanity that there is no reason to blog about it. For example, Saturday’s excitement was getting up at 5:30am, a time when no one in Ireland is awake unless they’re coming at it from the other side, walking 9.5 miles and, instead of getting […]

The good news is it turned out the last box on the dining room table had only diapers in it. They’ve gone into the shed, after I finished filling the box with other baby stuff I’d found in other random boxes. So that’s something. I’ve moved all the boxes of random crap out from under […]