I have semi-invented an easy tikka masala recipe, which is what happens when I have a recipe I’ve made before but discover I’m missing many of the actually-called-for ingredients. This one ends up having what I trust most people have in their pantries, which is why it’s ideal. :) Easy Tikka Masala 1-2 oz butter […]

I really, really do. You’re crazy-wonderful. Crunderful. No, that doesn’t sound nice. Anyway, I love you. The Fantasy Fudge project funded in about five hours. I have since received several emails from readers and friends laughing at me for being surprised, but honestly, it was a lark, it IS a lark, I figured I should […]

It’s become clear to me I’m doing this Kickstarter thing wrong. For example, take this guy, who is running a Kickstarter to make potato salad. From a modest $10 goal, he has now reached over $7500. For my next Kickstarter, I will be making fudge. The challenges will be that I will get fancy chocolate […]

Not very well, as it turns out. I’ve been on a regular jam-making roll here, having made strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry-rhubarb, peach and cherry in the past week or so. Despite my cries of woe, the strawberry did in fact set up, so I have a wide array of lovely jams. The cherry, though. Last […]

On Sunday I cooked a rather large ham. I made ham gravy, because there was all that lovely juice and it seemed a shame to waste it. There was a *lot* of gravy, so on Monday I took a chunk of the ham, all of the gravy, two cans of beans, and some oniongarlicbutter and […]