So Octocon was great fun. I went into it tired (because i was an IDIOT and i got a new phone on THURSDAY and i couldn’t get it to update properly and i stayed up until TWO IN THE MORNING getting it working right, the day before a weekend-long convention started!) and had a panel […]

We are home from a lovely weekend at Octocon, where we saw many friends and had good conversations. I brought about eight pounds of fudge to the con, and passed it out to the attendees of the Golden Blasters film festival on Friday night. Probably the best two bits of that were saying to people, […]

I’m home from Dysprosium, which was a very pleasant weekend away. All my panels and things went well–the kaffesklatch was full!–and I spent most of the rest of the weekend at BarCon, without going to many panels, although I went to a few and had fun at them. It was *great* to see Jim Butcher […]

As mentioned previously, I’ll be at Dysprosium, AKA Eastercon 66, from Friday morning to Sunday evening. My schedule is as such: Friday, 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm: The Ultimate Urban Fantasy Panel Something nasty in your neighbourhood? Everybody wants to go to the big cities, so why not the supernatural? with Charles Stross, Mike Carey, […]

Dublin 2019! That was the other thing I wanted to mention in yesterday’s Loncon blog! As you know, Bob, Dublin is putting in a bid to host WorldCon in 2019. I got involved with the bid about 18 months ago, and I’m really excited about the prospect. So, apparently, is everyone else: by Saturday night […]