daily life

Yesterday I woke up a rage machine murder bot. Ted suggested I stay home from the thing I was supposed to do and work instead, as the combination of the thing I was supposed to do and having done *no work* lately were the basic components of my rage, and although I should have done […]

…not long at all… I wouldn’t think that David Bowie’s death would hit me so hard. It’s just so damned unexpected. Elizabeth Bear said once that David Bowie would still be cool at the heat death of the universe. I think I vaguely expected him to still be *there*, at the heat death of the […]

I have a 16 square Ikea shelving unit in my office. Over the past few days I’ve managed to empty five of the squares. Enough of it went into the rubbish to make a difference, but I’m afraid quite a number of things went into boxes in the squares into which more things could fit. […]

Apparently my resolution is to sleep through 2016. Of the as-of-this-moment 41 hours available in 2016, I have slept, napped, or rested through 23 of them. The somewhat alarming thing is that I feel I could quite probably go back to sleep. It is just barely possible I’ve surpassed my ability to cope. We’ve dismantled […]

School’s over for the season. The house is full of empty boxes and not enough, relatively speaking, wrapped gifts. I’ve made several batches of fudge but gone totally AWOL on actual holiday baking, and I’m astonishingly full of not caring. One of my jars of homemade applesauce (from the batch I think I forgot to […]