In a stunning route, I have triumphed over the vacuum, which wasn’t sucking anything up. I’d taken the whole goddamn thing apart trying to find the problem, and yesterday discovered a section I hadn’t known CAME apart. Inside it was an 8″ clog of solid dust that I clawed out with chopsticks. The vacuum worked […]

Picoreview: Age of Ultron: We saw it twice in a row. We were going to ANYWAY, I mean that was our plan, we had tickets for the 10:15am 3D IMAX showing, which was as early as we could see it without going to last night’s midnight showing, and then tickets for a 3:30pm 2D showing, […]

Elfquest: Skywise & Cutter

The Pinis are having an Elfquest collectibles sale, as they’re apparently trying to clear stuff out. They intend to run it over several weeks, adding stuff as they go. I do not need any of their stuff to become my stuff, I said with grim determination. I don’t I don’t I don’t. Unless they come […]

KIM STANLEY ROBINSON WILL BE IN DUBLIN IN APRIL *DIES OF EXCITE* Seriously, you have no idea. Meeting him is like bucket-list material for me, and I was SO HAPPY to get to meet him at Loncon, because I figured it was a once in a lifetime chance. And now he’s gonna be doing a […]

Poor Indy has a cold and last night ran very long for all of us. Ted and I switched out sleeping with him a couple times, thus ensuring nobody got enough sleep, which was possibly not all that smart. :) Anyway, the end result has been being essentially awake since about 4:30am, which makes it […]