getting out of the house

Okay. I give in. I have joined Twitter. I am a twit. I … have no idea what to do with it, you understand, but I’m told it’s terribly important for networking, and I’m trying to build access to my reader base, so… Surprisingly, I’m ce_murphy there. (Well, I think it’s surprising. I didn’t expect […]

I reached the part of the book where I can start putting stuff back into TRUTHSEEKER again. The place where I started to do that was, in the original manuscript, page 42. It’s page 85 now. A whole chapter went back in with almost no revisions, which was exciting. I have no idea how this […]

The entirely wonderful Leah Moore and John Reppion were in Dublin yesterday to do a signing at Sub City, our favorite neighborhood (for some value of neighborhood) comic shop. I went in to Dublin to see them and to run errands, and had a really very splendid day. oh, this got quite long, I’ll cut-tag […]

just to say “not dead yet!” I have a Kate for the weekend. We went out to Lough Key castle & forest & grounds today (we were on our way to Boyle Abbey, but we didn’t quite make it that far). She was under instructions from Sammy to show me bluebells, and now I have […]

Poor Ted had a migraine yesterday (and Friday; I hope it’s defeated today), so he didn’t go with me in to Dublin to see John & Leah et all. I had a lovely lunch with themselves and Pádraig and Deirdre (Pádraig hauled us all into the Dublin City Gallery to show us Francis Bacon’s reconstructed […]