We are, after a very tiring day of cleaning, out of the Dublin house. It took longer than we hoped, but it’s clean and we’re out, so that’s that. Done and dusted. The woman at the post office, the guy at the corner shop, and various others all expressed surprise and dismay that we were […]

The movers called at 10 and said they were running about half an hour late. They arrived and began work at half ten, worked with admirable and somewhat depressing speed (it took them SO LITTLE time to pack up a giant room full of book boxes that had taken me weeks to fill), threw the […]

Less than that even, now. The movers are coming in 12 hours. Actually less, or they’d better be. Things are more or less packed, with the emphasis on more. As Ted said, at this point it’s almost impossible to see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to tell what’s unpacked anymore because there are […]

I forgot to show you guys the place we’re moving into. It is an actual Georgian (or Georgian-style; we don’t know when it was built) manor house. Not a huge one: it’s 4 bedrooms, not, like, 38 or something. But it’s an actual manor house. It has a living room AND a sitting room. And […]

There’s evidently a part of me that’s convinced I’m the sort of person who plans dinners/cooking far enough in advance to use dried beans. It may be the same part of me that’s apparently sure we always need another can of chickpeas. Or that keeps collecting condensed milk that I never, ever use. (Buying that […]